Goodbyes are super hard. Especially, if what you are saying goodbye to happens to be a large part of your life. Saying goodbye to my first family home (the place I came to after getting married, the only place my son has every lived, the place that I put all of my decorating abilities) was hard. Saying goodbye to my church (the people that supported me through so much, the place where I was baptized) was hard. Saying goodbye to my friends (the people I laughed with, who were basically my family, the people I love) was hard. Saying goodbye to my husband (this one is obvious) was hard.

There’s a time for everything, right? So, I suppose there is a time for goodbyes as well. After much prayer and reflection, my husband and I came to the decision that it was best this way. I would go to the US with our son and wait here for his visa to come through so that he can join us. It has been so bittersweet. Dubai had become my home. The people had become my family. And I have been asked to exchange that for a city that has become foreign after my many years away, and a small family of mother, father, and sister.

I know that in time I will become a member of a church and gain another big family here. I know that I will get a job and learn to fit in, as I once had to in Dubai. Nevertheless, goodbye’s are hard. I miss everyone and everything horribly. But I also know that God has led our family to this point and he will carry us through.


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