Preempting Problems

You know… a while ago I was reading through a book of the Bible, as you do, and I had a thought. I can’t tell you which book it was. Not because I’m being sneaky or secretive, but because I myself can’t remember. So much has been going on lately I’m lucky if I can remember to pick up the necessities like diapers when I go to the store.

Anyway, the thought that I had was this: God can, could, and totally does preempt your problems. Its hard to wrap your head around times when God HAS preempted a problems… because that just means you didn’t have a problem in the first place. Call it “means of Grace” or “daily blessings” or whatever. It’s those times that we rarely think about that God has solved a problem before you even had one.

I remember a few months ago my mom sent me a screen shot of a card my Uncle had sent with some money that she deposited in my account. The gist of the card was that he was sending some money since he had missed a few Christmas gifts, my wedding, and the birth of my son. It was unexpected and a blessing that James and I didn’t even NEED. We weren’t, at that moment, tight on cash. But, looking forward it was clear that soon we definitely could be. It was just before my move back to the US. James had not yet, but was soon to lose his job. I was soon to be out of mine. And what a preemptive blessing from the Lord.

But, the reason that I am writing about it today is because it popped into the front of my brain yesterday. Yesterday was awful. Just plain and simple. Firstly, my son is teething. Full-on, clinging to me at all times he is awake for comfort. Not sleeping well. Whining and crying nearly all the day. It’s bound to rub even the most patient momma the wrong way. Secondly, I was turned away from the Social Security office and unable to get my son a Social Security number (which he NEEDS for health insurance) because someone [read: me] forgot to bring the originals of his birth certificates and official Birth Abroad certificate. Thirdly, I was informed that I need a Good Conduct Report from the Dubai Police, a feat that while in Dubai would have taken a matter of minutes and a small fee, will now from Oklahoma take a matter of months and much much more in fees. Fourthly, I was unable to perform a simple task of uploading a document online. And it just continued like that. With my screaming son droning in the background of all of the problems of the day.

Days like that are days when you throw your hands up in surrender begging for a little Mercy from the Lord. I felt like my head was going to explode, just like the cartoons. My face was going to turn beet-red, it was going to inflate a bit, and then smoke was going to billow from my ears to the sound of a fog horn. But I’m reminded that God can preempt that.

The reason that I think this is an important thing to remember is that, so often, we are put in a difficult or painful situation and we pray for a way out, or help from the Lord. And my God is mighty to save! He can do it. But I feel, in my own life, I often forget that He could have made it so that I never had to go through the trials at all. Which means that there must be some greater Glory in each and every one of my daily struggles. Whether it is meant for my patience, my reliance upon the Lord, or even my utter surrender, my trials are for good. God could make my life a walking piece of cake. He has the power. He’s not a God who sits back and lets up get ourselves in between a Rock and a Hard Place and THEN shows up to the party. He has always been and always will be. Before the foundations of the Earth, and long after my many small and insignificant problems are through.

It helps me to remember just how BIG a God I serve. He’s a God who orders my every breath. And for my good he has allowed trouble, trials, and problems. So, I will take a deep breath, cry out to God and continue on.


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